D-Rock TV Episode 1: 7 Tips For Holiday Workouts

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I am so psyched this episode turned as well as it did. I would like to get a new episode up every week or so and I’m still trying to figure out a release schedule (does today work for you?), so bear with me while we sort out the details.

Just the same, this is a super episode and I think you’re going to enjoy it. This week, we’re talking about Contrast Showers and how they speed up recovery, The Gymboss as a better interval timer, seven ways to stay on track with your workout routine during the holiday, plus I answer viewer questions. How about that!

Let’s get to it.

QUICK TIP: Contrast Showers
Right after your workout, get into the show and stand under cold water for 15 to 20 seconds (you can also count breaths if you don’t have a clock handy). At the end of those 15 to 20 seconds (3 or 4 breaths), turn on the hot water and stand under that for 30 to 40 seconds (4 or 5 breaths). Alternate 3 or 4 times back and forth between cold water and hot water. Total time is about 5 minutes. Contrast showers work because it increases blood flow and helps flush out toxins from the muscles.

This small device clips on to your pants and allows you to time any interval you’d like between 1 second and 1 hour. You can even set it for alternating work and rest periods of different lengths. It even has a vibrate setting so you can still listen to your favorite workout music. The whole thing runs on a single AAA battery and costs $19.95. The best place to find the Gymboss is on the company website or Amazon.

FEATURE SEGMENT: 7 Tips For Training During The Holidays

  1. Set weekly, monthly and quarterly goals
  2. Start slow and build in intensity
  3. Do something you like doing
  4. Plan for missed workouts
  5. Keep yourself accountable
  6. Reward yourself occasionally
  7. Hire a personal trainer

Q: What can do on the weekends when I don’t feel like going to the gym, but want to avoid the weekend lazyfest?

Simple—Get off your ass and go outside! Sports, walking the dog, hiking—they all count as physical fitness. Even a full day of walking around town doing errands counts as a (recovery) workout. There are so many physically demanding activities out there, I’m sure you can find at least one that you can enjoy. Make it a social event and have something interesting to talk about on Monday at the office.

Q: What are the dangerous movements I should absolutely avoid when doing an ab workout?

Stay away from crunches and hyperextensions. Most people use the wrong muscles when performing these exercises, making an already weak muscle group just that much weaker. The core was designed primarily to resist flexion, extension and rotation. It provides a stable channel through which power and force transfer between the upper and lower limbs. An unstable core will lead to unstable lifts. End of story; no way around it. You just won’t have the support you need. Work on planks and the Palloff press instead.

If you have questions you want answered on the show, shoot me an email or hit me up on twitter.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: How many types of muscle are there? And which one is most important for strength and fitness?

The first person to leave a comment below with the correct answer gets 2 free workout assessments with me, valued at over $150.

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I’m just getting started with this show and I want to make it valuable for you. What do you like? What do you hate? What would you like to see in future episodes? Please leave your comments below.

Until next time,
Stay fit, stay strong.

5 Responses to “D-Rock TV Episode 1: 7 Tips For Holiday Workouts”
  1. mike says:

    Dereck, the three types of muscle are cardiac, smooth, and skeletal. skeletal mucles are most important for strength… ?

    • Derek Peruo says:

      Congrats Mike! You’re the winner of this week’s Question of the Week.

      I sent you an email about it, so please check your spam folder and make sure it didn’t get lost.

      If you can’t find the email, not to worry: just email me and I’ll explain all the details.

  2. Colin says:

    Question for ya D-Rock: when setting goals for muscle gain, what are achievable expectations to have in a 3 month period? How many pounds can I expect myself to put on?

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