D-Rock TV Episode 2: The Mental Edge to Physical Fitness

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Reaching your goals takes more than just a good training program and solid nutrition. It takes guts, determination and the mental focus of a Buddhist monk. Luckily, the tips I discuss today will help you find your zen so you can reach your goals faster. Plus super cheap breakfast shakes, cardio equipment you forgot about, and your questions answered.

QUICK TIP: Budget Breakfast Shakes

In a blender, mix:
2 cups whole milk
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1/4 cup oatmeal
2 tablespoons peanut butter
1 banana
Chocolate syrup to taste (opt.)

Blend on high until smooth.

Nutrition content:
780 Calories
74g Carbs
38g Protein

COOL STUFF: Jumping Rope
Jump ropes (a.k.a. jumping rope or speed rope) is a light-weight alternative to tradition cardio. Jump ropes come in various lengths and the handle should reach your armpit when you step on the center of it. The best way to train is to start with 2- or 3-minute rounds and slowly build up your endurance. This is harder than it looks, so 10 or 15 minutes total is all you need. If your feet start to hurt along the plantar, you’re done for the day.


  • Remind yourself of your goal every day
  • Keep records of where you’ve been to see progress
  • Ignore the doubters
  • Focus on today and plan for tomorrow
  • Acknowledge tiny victories to keep moral high
  • Be ready for change (because your plans will change)
  • Confide in a friend so you’re not alone

VIEWER QUESTIONS: Thanks Colin and Patrick!
Q: What are achievable expectations to have in a 3 month period for muscle gain? How many pounds can I expect to put on? ~ Colin

My research suggest about 1–2 lbs of quality lean muscle can be put on per month. Everything depends, of course, on your nutrition, so make sure your food is on track and that you’re eating enough calories.

Q: I’m a sloucher, how can I break this habit? ~ Patrick

Slouching happens because you have poor posture and a weak upper back. Focus on strengthening the shoulder complex with pull-ups, chin-ups and a lot of row variations. In addition, you also need to reset your posture through correct sitting technique (straight spine, shoulders back and down) and

If you have questions you want answered on the show, shoot me an email or hit me up on twitter.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: True or False: Static stretching should be performed as part of a strength training warmup? Why/Why not?

The first person to leave a comment below with the correct answer gets 2 free workout assessments with me, valued at over $150.

Congrats Mike for being the first to answer last week’s question correctly! His answer: the three types of muscle are cardiac, smooth and skeletal, skeletal being most important for strength and fitness.

The other correct answer could have been fast-twitch, slow-twitch and type IIa muscle fibers, fast-twitch being most important for us.

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Feedback for this week’s episode: What did you like? What did you hate? What would you like to see in future episodes? Please leave your comments below.

Until next time,
Stay fit, stay strong.

5 Responses to “D-Rock TV Episode 2: The Mental Edge to Physical Fitness”
  1. Patrick says:

    Good episode Derek! Any experience making my own jump rope? I’m at Home Depot a lot more often than places like Dicks.

    • Derek Peruo says:

      What a great question! I’ve never thought about making my own jump rope. I guess you could buy a bunch of washers and a length of PVC sheathing, two dowels for handles, eye bolts, some kind of clip… But I suspect it will cost you more to make a good jump rope than it would for you to order one online.

      Anyone ever try to make a jump rope using home improvement supplies?

  2. jason ferreira says:

    just answer your question should static stretching be part of a warm up routine.
    The answer is no. For this reason that body does not know what static is. It only increases weakness in the muscle.The body only knows movement. Having said that, it is best to warm up dynamically. The goal is to increase as much blood circulation into our joints. These are preventive measures to gettting injuried through out any workout.

    In strength,
    Jason Ferreira (CPT)

    • Derek Peruo says:

      Excellent Jason! You are the winner of Episode 2’s Question of the Week.

      I sent you an email, so please check your spam folder and make sure it didn’t get lost. If you can’t find it just email me and I’ll explain all the details of how to redeem your 2 free workout assessments.

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