DTV #9 – The 54 Card Challenge

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MP3 Audio (8:58)

My client Charlie is here today to help me show how the 54 Card Challenge works. All you need is a full deck of playing cards, the two jokers, and five exercises you can do at a high volume.

For Charlie, we selected two upper-body exercises, two lower-body exercises and one full-body conditioning drill. We assigned each exercise to each suit in the deck:

♣ — TRX Rows
— Kettlebell Swings
♠ — Push ups
— Squats
Joker — 15 Burpees

After Charlie shuffled the deck, he divided all 54 cards into four face-down piles. Each pile equals one set. Charlie then draws a card and performs the chosen exercise for the number of reps that are on the card. Face cards and the 10 cards are equal to 10. So, for example, if Charlie draws the 5 of ♠, he performs 5 reps of push-ups before drawing a new card. When Charlie draws all the cards in a pile, he rests for 2 to 3 minutes before going on to the next pile. Charlie completes the workout when he has drawn all 54 cards.

There is a lot of variation in the challenge and you can change the sets, reps and exercises to suit your needs and preference. Because there are only two jokers, I recommend assigning an extra special exercise to those two cards.

I want to know what you think of this challenge and what changes you might make to improve it, so please share your comment below.


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