DTV #10 – Better Late Than Never

Hi guys. These last two weeks have been very crazy for me, so I apologize for not getting a new episode up until today.

I was in New York City on February 12–21, and I had a chance to meet up with my old friend, Matt McGorry.

Matt is quickly becoming a big-shot personal trainer out on the East Coast and I haven’t spoken with him in a long time. We meet up at his gym during his lunch break and we got a quick workout in. Here are some highlights:

We talked a lot about the business of fitness and getting published in magazines, and I picked up some cool tricks for scheduling clients and organizing my calendar. Also, if you look closely at the last two or three sets of deadlifts in the video above, you may notice that my stance and my grip are narrower. Matt suggested I make that small change to improve my leverage. Nice one Matt!

It was great to see Matt, my family, and all my friends. It was so great, in fact, that I am now in the process of moving back home, which is way this past week was so chaotic.

I do not make this decision lightly.

I have lived and worked in Chicago for close to two years now and it has not been easy for me financially or emotionally. No matter how hard I try, I cannot fit into Chicago’s scene. I need a faster pace, more chaos, and a certain level of direct communication that I just cannot find out here in the Midwest. All of my old friends from high school, my business contacts and theatre (my first love and the reason I went to DePaul University in the first place) are all in New York, not Chicago. And it is for these reasons that I now choose to move back east.

My girlfriend does not want to move to New York and, sadly, on Wednesday we decided to go our separate ways. Needless to say, the breakup hit me hard and has effected my productivity and sleep patterns more than I expected.

I am excited for the move, and a little terrified. I love my ex-girlfriend very much, but know in my heart that moving back to New York is the right decision, and she believes so too. I want to do more acting and work on plays and write scripts and do stunt work. I want to train in a gym that is open until 3am because that’s when some people get off work and they need to squat. I want to work with high-strung, caffeinated New Yorkers who understand that being terse is a sign of respect, not rudeness. I want to be with my family and friends. I want to be home.

My plan is to relocate as fast as possible and I’m looking for someone to sublet my apartment starting April 1, May 1 the latest. If you know someone looking for a nice studio apartment close to the lake, please let me know.


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