DTV #11 – How To Make A Viking Press

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As part of my plan to move back to New York City, I started looking for amateur strongman competitions being held in New York State.

I found one being held in Wallkill, NY on May 22 and I plan on attending. There are five events—the viking press; farmers walk; tire flip/power stair combo; conan’s wheel; and the atlas stones—and today I worked just on the press.

The viking press is a very unique exercise and not many gyms have the exact equipment. So I took the opportunity to rig up a version of the press using a basic power rack and some barbells.

Next time I rig up the power rack, I’m going to use 45 lbs. plates on the fulcrum end to keep the spacing of the bars even. The safety rail on the working end could also have been a little lower. I might have gotten another rep or two on that last set if I had more room to power through with my legs. I recommend using clips or clamps on all your plates to prevent them from falling off the bar.

This is a great exercise and I should work it into my routines more often. But for the competition I need to lift 180# for reps, and during my workout I was able to hit that number for 1 rep. So I’m pretty happy about the training session.

Check out the video and let me know what you think of my design. If you have suggestions or improvements for making a viking press using basic gym equipment, please leave a comment below and share your story.

Update 2010/03/09: Scott Bird over at sent me a tweet this morning about the weights I used in the video and how they were distributed over each arm. The numbers in the video represent “total weight,” which I divided evenly over each arm. So, 180#/2 = 90# each arm. Something to keep in mind when using this method in your own training programs. Thanks Scott!


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