DTV #12 – Living In The Suck

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First off, thank you Scott Bird and for being D-Rock TV’s very first sponsor. I deeply appreciate it! Be sure to check out Scott’s weekly twitterchat on various health and fitness topics, every Wednesday at 9pm Eastern.

Next, quick reminder that as of March 28, 2010, I will be living and working in New York City. I want to thank all of Chicago for helping me get started; and I want to thank my friends and family back home for supporting me during the Big Move. If you’re in New York and want to meet up for some coffee, hit me up. I’m on the look-out for a facility to train out of, so if you’ve got ideas please share them with me!

Lastly, because of the Big Move, I’m offering a special promotion for my Online Coaching program.

There’s been some major interest in the program over the last few weeks and I’m offering a special 3-Month Pre-release trial subscription. You get roughly 12 weeks of online coaching with me for 50% off the regular price. And if you want to continue training after the 3-month trial is over, you can do so at a discounted rate. Shoot me an email or hit me up on twitter if you’re interested.

Okay, enough with the announcements. Let’s talk about training!

The topic of today’s episode is “Living In The Suck.”

What I mean is, one day you’re going to have a workout that just sucks balls like nobody’s business. I had one such workout last Monday (March 15, 2010). In fact, the whole week leading up to that workout sucked big time.

I re-injured my knee; my neck and shoulders were tight from too much overhead pressing; I’m wasn’t sleeping well because I was drinking too much coffee and my brain wouldn’t shut off; I was worried about finding someone to sublet my apartment before I leave because the lease doesn’t expire until the end of June; I was worried about last-minute bills. I wasn’t eating well either, and my workout suffered because of all of this stuff going on.

But you know what? My workout on Thursday (March 17) was amazing and I totally nailed every lift I had planned.

I learned two valuable lessons from this past week, and I would like to share those lessons with you know.

Lesson 1: If you’re workout sucks, take a break and try again later.

Sometimes, you’re just not going to be in the correct mental or physical state to make your workouts valuable. And that’s okay. It’s an isolated event and does not reflect on you as a whole or on your overall training program. It means you just had a bad day. Once you recognize that your workout sucks, just step away from the weights and take a break. Eat some lunch, take a nap, get some air—do something other than stand around the gym bitching about your workout. You’ll find that by returning to your workout later in the day (or even the next day) let’s you get some fresh perspective on the situation, and it probably won’t suck as much.

Lesson 2: Do not underestimate the importance of prehab and rehab.

I’m still planning on going to the Battle of the Bad Ass at the end of May and I want to be ready for the competition. But I refuse to break my bad knee past all hope of repair during my very first competition. So I need slow down my training progression and work in a lot more foam rolling, stretching and strength/stability/mobility work for my left leg back into my program. This may mean I’m not as strong as I would like to be at the competition, but at least I’ll be safe.

I suggest you take a look at your program and take some inventory. What’s missing? Not enough stretching? Neglected body part? Need more conditioning work?

I’ve heard from more than one source that the things you like doing the least are the things you need to do the most. So take a long, hard, objective look at your training program and do what you need to do!

One last thing…

Anyone know a really good weight belt I can use for the competition? I’m looking for a belt that’s approved for NAS competitions, but don’t know where to look. Please share your experiences with buying and using NAS-approved weight belts in the comments below.

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