Club Industry Expo 2010 Recap

About a week ago, I attended the Club Industry Expo at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. While many of the same vendors from Chicago were there, I did manage to find a few cool new toys. Check them out!

MiScale Weight Management Scale

This scale is very sexy and attaches directly to the wall. Users have the option to log into the machine and track their progress (changes in both weight and BMI) using a unique user ID. User data is stored on MiScale’s server. The company rep told me they are developing a new version of the system that will also track body fat using bioelectrical impedance. The new system should be available within 6 months if everything stays on schedule.

CardioMetrix Pulse Oximeter

IntelaMetrix was toting the newest model of their BodyMetrix software and hardware, along with their new portable pulse oximeter. This thing will store 36 hours of pulse rate and SpO2 and can be worn on either wrist, using any finger.

IntelaMetrix also had a real-time pulse oximeter, which would work great for weekly assessments: it’s non-invasive and instantaneous.

BodyGem RMR Tester

This is a cool little device will test resting metabolic rate using O2/CO2 analysis and takes about 10 minutes.

Jusuru Live Blend Juice

This fancy looking drink has a blend of highly potent berry juices, and is very concentrated in resveratrol and antioxidants. It tastes great and would work great in a smoothy. But at $39 a bottle, I feel like you might as well buy a real bottle of red wine and get your buzz on; or buy some grape juice and save the cash.

That’s it from this year. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.


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