Chronic Headaches? It might be wheat!

Yesterday, I listened to Sean Croxton’s Underground Wellness podcast and it offered an amazing insight into gluten, wheat sensitivity, and chronic autoimmune dysfunction.

From Sean’s website:

Dr. Thomas O’Bryan visits Underground Wellness Radio to discuss the physiologic and neurologic effects of wheat and other grains on the entire body. Topics will include the difference between gluten sensitivity and Celiac disease, the effect of gluten on the brain and nervous system, and the surprising variety of symptoms of gluten sensitivity that are outside of the intestines.

I want you to listen to this podcast, and even quickly “skimming” through it is worth the time. Dr. Thomas does a fantastic job of dissecting his years of research into gluten and the pathologies it causes mentally and physically—including bloating, skin irritation, fatigue and headaches!

While I have no clear symptoms of a gluten allergy, I still feel like trying a gluten-free, anti-inflammatory diet for even a short while just to see if I feel better. I know from personal experience, I feel much less bloated and fatigued when I keep my dairy intake low; so perhaps reducing my wheat intake will improve my well-being even more!

Listen to the podcast here!


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