Twitterchat 110 – Making the Most of Your Gym Time

Last week, Scott Bird and I talked about making the most of your time, both in the gym and outside, as a fitness professional. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Never be afraid to fire a client if they’re not doing their end. Don’t waste time on problems you can’t fix.
  • The gym I work with has a dedicated team of promoters. But I do use Google AdWords for my other, virtual services.
  • Scale your successes. 1:1 leads to 2:1, which leads to small groups, which leads to assistant trainers, etc.
  • I have “blackout” times in my calendar, and don’t schedule during those blocks. I also share my preferences with my clients.
  • [Meeting at the same time each week] simplifies scheduling for both parties, and gives my clients a sense of continuity.

Visit Scott’s Forums for the continued discuss on this, and other strength and fitness topics!


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