Random Product Review: Norelco Hair Clipper



“Wow, that was fast!”

I pressed the clearly marked power button on my new Norelco Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper, and turned off the device. It instantly stopped buzzing in my hand, and I admired my head in the mirror for a moment.

I like to keep my hair very short. It’s a good look for me, and complements my face well. I live in New York City, so maintaining this stylish hairdo would be expensive if I went to the barber all the time. So instead, I usually cut my hair every two weeks or so.

Until now, I’ve used a re-purposed beard trimmer. It got the job done in a reasonable amount of time, with reasonable results. But sometimes, “reasonable” is not enough.

Sometimes, you really do need that extra level of coolness that “awesome” provides. So when Norelco asked me to review one of their products, I was curious to see how much coolness it could add.

I was a little hesitant to write this review because I only endorse products and services I use regularly and truly believe in. I also didn’t know how reviewing a hair clipper aligns with the other health and fitness topics I write about.

But the truth is, grooming is an important part of health and fitness. Looking good makes you feel good. And when you feel good, you can do all sorts of jealousy-inducing, bad-ass things (both personally and professionally). So think of this review as an extension of that philosophy.

Norelco sent me an unopened box of their QC5530 model hair clipper. It comes with the usual attachments: various guide-combs, power cord, instructions and warranty. What I wasn’t expecting what the precision trimmer and the rotating razor head.

The precision trimmer is great for things like side burns and behind the ears. The swivel head prevents you from having to contort into a pretzel when reaching for the back of your head. And the battery charges fast, so there’s no need to use it with a cord–but you can if you want to.

While not “water proof,” the machinery is water-resistant, so you can rinse away the hairs gunk when you’re done. I recommend letting everything dry for several hours when you’re finished before stashing it away in the closet.

I highly recommend this product!

It’s simple to use, is well designed, and clips my hair very quickly.

I like products that do things well, and Norelco has done an excellent job designing this clipper. I can safely say that this thing works as intended, and does exactly what it’s designed to do.

This clipper makes a great last-minute holiday gift. Click the shameless affiliate link below and pick one up for that special dude in your life.


Norelco Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper [Amazon.com]



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