My Story


My whole life, I wanted to be an actor. I had dreams and visions of winning Oscars, and Tony Awards, and all kinds of other stuff–and that is the training I had as a kid. I went to acting classes on the weekends; I attended The School of Performing Arts at LaGuardia High School; and I eventually got my Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Acting from DePaul University in Chicago–one of the best theatre conservatory programs, hands-down, in the country!

And while I was at college, I did something remarkable: I lost 95 lbs and went from a size 48 waist down to a size 33.

Me as a Fat-Ass

This was a major body transformation, and to do it, I had to teach myself all sorts of information on health and exercise. And it turned out that Fitness was just as important to me as Acting was; and I became fascinated by the human body and how to make it better.

One day, I was talking with a friend of mine at the gym where I worked, and my friend said, “Hey D: you know man: you know way too much about this fitness stuff. Have you ever thought of becoming a personal trainer?”

No, I hadn’t; but I figured, “Why not? Could be fun. It’s a job, right?” and I eventually passed my C.P.T. exam and started working with clients, and it has been a tremendously rewarding experience for me; and I really love doing it!

What I didn’t realize–because I was surrounded by people with Master’s degrees in Exercise Science, and all sorts of other nifty credentials–what I didn’t realize was just how valuable my theatre training was going to be for my career as a fitness professional.

All the skills I learned in Script Analysis class, all the skills I learned in Character Analysis class, all the skills I learned in Movement class–all come in to play every single time I work with one of my clients!

My hope is to pass on everything I’ve learned, and to empower my clients.

I do what I do because I want to be the mentor I never had. I want to be there for other people as they go through their own body transformations!

Let me help you reach your fitness goals. EMAIL ME NOW to get started!

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