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I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Derek for 10 years. In that time, I’ve seen him drastically transform his body and accumulate the knowledge that has made him into the great trainer that he is today. Derek is always hungry for more knowledge and seeking the best sources of information in order to be the best that he can be. In a world full of trainers who are complacent with their education and ability, Derek is consistently pushing his clients’ and his own boundaries and separating himself from the pack.

Matt McGorry

Four weeks ago I couldn’t button these jeans. Six months ago, I couldn’t get them close to buttoning.

Stephen M Jones
Online Coaching Client

Since high school, I have made repeated attempts to stick to a workout routine of my own, but I always end up slacking somehow. Working with Derek is helping me break that pattern. Derek keeps me motivated and reminded of my goals — real strength, large range of mobility, and a healthy, fit, muscular body. I particularly appreciate how well he listens to my concerns. When an exercise feels like it’s harmful, he will work with me on technique and sometimes suggest other exercises in the interest of my safety and comfort. Most of all, I value his dedication to crafting a constantly-changing program to suit my specific needs and abilities. Work with this guy!

Colin Sphar
Online Coaching Client

Good health is priceless…the investment in a personal trainer like Derek is worth every penny. Strength training and weight-lifting on Derek’s program significantly reduced my risk of osteoporosis — a real threat at 50 years of age. And, a similar program with Derek kept my son off blood pressure medication. Derek is a fantastic cheerleader for weight loss and muscle toning. He’s serious about getting “beyond the surface” and concentrates on improving overall health. With Derek’s help, I look better and feel a whole lot younger. Who could ask for more?

Mary Walby

I am proud to say that Derek Peruo is my personal trainer. When I came to DePaul, I made it a goal of mine to stay physically fit. I did not want to gain the “freshman 15” and wanted to gain muscle as well. I always look forward to working out with Derek. I get so much out of my workout because he is right there motivating me and teaching me proper technique. I always go 100% because Derek inspires me to put forth my best. It also helps that Derek is a guy who you can talk to and he has a friendly demeanor which makes working out with him that much more enjoyable. I could not be happier with Derek being my personal trainer.

Charlie Danis
Online Coaching Client

Charlie Danis After

Pat Rock Before

Derek was absolutely essential in me being able to stick to that all too common New Years Resolution. I went from couch potato to gym regular and have been faithful for over a year. I was intimidated by the weight room but Derek taught me the basics and how to effectively train. He quickly identified my weaknesses, personalized a routine and made me stronger in ways I didn’t expect. He keeps my routine fun and fresh, consistently updating as my abilities grow. Derek has helped me more than just be happy with my body for the first time in my life, I now love the gym and am able to identify my own weaknesses. If you want a trainer dedicated to his clients, Derek’s your guy.

Patrick Rock

Pat Rock After

Thank you so much for the work you did with me over the past three weeks at Lincoln Park Fitness Center. It is absolutely amazing what we were able to accomplish in such a short time. I almost did not believe you when you said you could help me add 30 pounds to my bench press weight in less than a month. Aside from being a very knowledgeable and efficient trainer, you were also incredibly personable and friendly. I looked forward to every session we had together because you were able to make me feel motivated and comfortable at the same time. You always cared about my well being, and made sure that none of the routines were too stressful or too difficult. Our work together has helped me to pass my college soccer preseason fitness training, and there is no way that I would have been able to achieve such a goal without you. You helped to add 30 pounds to my bench press, 30 pounds to my military press, and helped me go from only being able to do 5 pull ups in a row to 13 in just 10 sessions! I hope that everything goes well for you this year, and I will make sure to tell everyone I can about the trainer that you are. Thank you so much again.

Harrison Freund

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